Straight teeth with no braces

Have you ever wondered why now may be the best time to straighten your crooked smile? It is because new high tech braces have been introduced to us all. These high tech "braces" are really not braces at all! In fact, they made of custom thermoplastic material that is laser cut by precision robots. For those who cannot tolerate traditional braces or just won't use them due to esthetic concerns, finally have a solution to their problem. It is called Invisalign. 

Invisalign aligner trays are custom made to your teeth. These trays are virtually invisible and removable. This means not many can see that you are straightening your teeth unless they come real close! In addition, because they are removable, you can take them out while you eat your favorite foods! Go ahead and eat your chips and steak or that crunchy salad and apple. Or how about that corn on a cob? Make sure to brush your teeth before you put your Invisalign trays back on. You certainly don't want to reinsert your trays trapping all that food in there. While on the subject of oral hygiene, you can remove your "braces" or Invisalign aligners while you floss and brush your teeth. Wow! You don't have to worry about using floss threaders under the orthodontic braces and wires.

You may wonder how a piece of plastic can move crooked teeth. Well, it is not just a piece of plastic. Depending on how severe your crooked teeth are, you may get anywhere from 5 to over 40 aligner trays. Each tray is designed to move teeth less than 0.25 mm. The type of movement is dependent on Dr. Leo Toureno's prescription on moving your teeth virtually in the computer. After Dr. Toureno's thoughtful design for moving your teeth, the computer will instruct the robots at the Invisalign laboratory to precision cut the aligners one by one. You'll be given a few clear aligners at a time and you'll need to change these trays every once or twice a week. Each aligner will move your teeth by a prescribed amount. So be sure to wear your aligners at least 22 hours a day 7 days a week. You are given a 2-hour window each day during which you can eat, drink, brush, and floss your teeth

Finally, the freedom of straightening a crooked smile is here. Freedom from wires. Freedom from food restrictions. Freedom from floss threaders. Freedom from hiding your smile while wearing metal braces.