Many adults who have “crooked” teeth want to have straighter teeth to look good and feel good about themselves. However, they are hesitant to do something about it because they are afraid of the unknown process of straightening their teeth. They think that braces are only for children and teenagers; they think that braces will make them look silly; they think that braces will not work on adults; they think that they may have to wear headgear etc. etc. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Today, there are many options for adults seeking braces to straighten and improve their smile and confidence.

Amongst the most appealing options is the Adult Express Braces, where the primary goal is to straighten your teeth in an average of 4-12 months. This option is a great alternative to dental veneers, which may require substantial tooth reduction especially when there is moderate to severe crowding and teeth rotations. In other words, if you have substantial rotations and crowding of your teeth and want to straighten your teeth using dental veneers, the "crooked" teeth will have to be cut off to make them "straight". In this instance, it is more conservative and healthier for your teeth to be straightened using braces for a few months. Note that your teeth can stay healthier because avoiding substantial tooth reduction may decrease the chances of needing root canal therapy (endodontic therapy).

Even if you need dental veneers to improve the looks of the teeth, to hide unsightly textures, discolorations and improve the shape and sizes of teeth, it may still be worthwhile to do orthodontic braces treatment first to reduce the need for substantial tooth reduction during dental veneer preparation.

Adults deserve to look and feel better about themselves! Adults deserve to have straighter teeth and a great smile.

The implications of a confident smile though straighter teeth could mean better personal or business relationships; it could mean landing a job because you're more confident; it could mean a more fulfilling social life; it could mean a happier you.