A Finished Smile, August 2014

We're celebrating our patient's great new smile! He is actually smiling more often now and is proud of it. I'm proud of our patient who has gone through eighteen months of orthodontic braces treatment. Our patient had severe crowding of his teeth and bimaxillary protrusion. Bimaxillary protrusion is a condition where both upper and lower front teeth are "bucked" out and patients usually have a hard time closing their lips together at rest. In this case, 4 premolar or bicuspid extractions are recommended to align all teeth and to soften the lip protrusiveness. 

In this case, we have successfully achieved both orthodontic objectives and our patient and his parents were pleasantly happy with the results. And I can see that he looked more confident too!

Sincerely, Dr. Leo Toureno

Board Certified Orthodontist

August 2014