Free braces scholarship profile: Yexely P.

Free Braces Scholarship awarded at Just Smile Orthodontics in Tucson.

Free Braces Tucson Scholar Yexely.  You can apply today as well.

Free Braces Tucson Scholar Yexely. You can apply today as well.

When we informed Yexely and her mom that they had received the Free Orthodontic Braces Scholarship, they were in disbelief and were so excited.

We asked Yexely about herself: “Some things I like to do are play with my little brother or hang out with friends. One of my favorite hobbies are to draw or color.”

About her family: “I have 3 brothers two step and one real. My 2 step brothers live with my dad not with me. And my other brother lives with me. Most times me and my brother will watch a movie together.”

About why she wanted braces: “I would like braces because i have never been able to afford them and I am sure they will change the way I will look at myself. It would change my life by allowing me to have a nice smile! :D”

Community service is an important part of society. As such we encourage scholars to volunteer at a local organization to help out the community.

We asked where Yexely would like to volunteer: ”The organization i will be volunteering at is the pima animal care center. There mision is to help animals be cared for and have a loving home.”

What is the core mission of this organization: “This organization needs help with feeding and taking care of the animals. What I will be helping with is bathing and feeding the animals.

Why is helping this organization important to Yexely: “The most important thing to me about this organization is that i hate to see stray animals in the street with no home or food.”

Congratulations Yexely, I’m sure you’ll look great and be confident of yourself once your braces treatment is done!

If you’d like to apply for this free braces scholarship or know someone who does need it, please APPLY ONLINE HERE.

One scholarship will be awarded every other month! Good Luck!