Soft Homemade French Toast

Wondering what to feed your kids with orthodontic braces on Saturday morning? 

Don't want to spend money unnecessarily at a breakfast restaurant in Tucson? 


Easy to eat Homemade French Toast

Easy to eat Homemade French Toast

Most of the ingredients in this recipe are simple and easy to get. Whip up this easy to make Homemade French Toast with all the ingredients that you already have at home. 

This Homemade French Toast is likely to be much better tasting and healthier than if you had gone to a local restaurant. You get to control what type of ingredients gets into your and your kids mouth. Organic eggs? Fresh avocado or Canola oils that hasn't been used over and over again? Go ahead an enjoy a healthy orthodontic braces friendly breakfast at home. 

Save lots of money cooking at home... just make sure you get the kids to wash the dishes, hahah... =)


Click here for the recipe: HOMEMADE FRENCH TOAST

Bon appétit, 

Your friendly Tucson Orthodontic Braces Specialist,

Dr. Leo Toureno