Comparing costs of braces versus Invisalign

Some people are attracted to the idea of straightening their teeth with clear and virtually undetectable Invisalign aligner trays, but are hesitant because they think that it costs a lot more than braces. The good news is that braces and Invisalign treatment are comparable in treatment costs! The variability in treatment costs can be attributed to the complexity of the situation at hand. Everyone has different orthodontic needs and Dr Leo Toureno needs to customize each individual treatment with care and attention to detail. The process of Invisalign is similar to traditional braces. 

You may wish to keep in mind that the skills of the dentist may also determine the success of the treatment. Orthodontists are dental specialists who have gone through additional full time specialty training after dental school and have special skills that may increase better treatment outcomes. 

Most people are afraid to go to the dental specialist in Orthodontics thinking that it will be more expensive than braces or Invisalign done by a general dentist or a pediatric dentist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because Dr Leo Toureno does orthodontic treatment exclusively, he is proficient and efficient on it. Thus orthodontic braces or Invisalign treatment can be done usually at less cost than from a general dentist or pediatric dentists! 

The geographical area in which you live in will also factor into how much Invisalign treatment costs, just as with regular braces. High cost of living indexes such as in New York City or San Francisco may, by some estimates, incur treatment costs of $12,000 and up while some others may be as low as $2500. The average Invisalign and orthodontic braces treatment costs in Tucson Arizona is probably somewhere in between, depending on various other factors.

Fortunately, there are many payment plans today that can make Invisalign affordable and a reality for your enhancement. Payment plans with $0 down payment and as low as $99 per month through a specialized health care service such as Care Credit or Springstone can be arranged on approved credit. 

Another bit of great news is that if you are fortunate enough to have orthodontic insurance benefit, then it can be used to make your Invisalign treatment even more affordable!

The good news is – with any cosmetic upgrade to your own face and smile, the results can be proudly shown every single day and every minute of the day, and can enhance your life—it makes a happier you. Rather than showing off your new shoes, car or flatscreen TV, why not treat yourself to a new you with that big smile!