Use cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics to unhide your smile

Cosmetic dentistry, as it pertains to orthodontics, can revolutionize your smile. Have you noticed that people who don't like to smile may appear as if they are not happy? Even worse, they may appear as if they are angry. Of course, this is many times untrue - these people are probably not unhappy or angry, they just don't like to smile or perhaps they have learned to hide their smile. They might subconsciously be trying to hide their crooked teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry has revolutionized the way we take care of our health and wellbeing. Over the past decade, it has changed the way we think about presenting our smile to the world. No longer do we need to hide our smile and the teeth that is the centerpiece of our image. If you have crooked teeth, they can be straightened. If you have overly protrusive lips and cannot close your lips together without straining your lips, we can help you relax. If you have an underbite and your lower jaws or mandible looks too protruding, there is a solution to that. On the other hand, if your lower jaws are too retrusive and small, it may look like you have a significant overbite, there is a treatment for you. If you have an excessively gummy smile, we can help too. 

Today, orthodontic treatment has become more efficient and affordable. In the past, orthodontists used to place bands (or "rings") around each tooth including the front teeth. Not only were they laborious and time consuming, they were uncomfortable too. Today, we can usually bond (glue) the small braces to each tooth much faster. Furthermore, cosmetic clear braces are also available for those who are conscious of their smile during orthodontic braces treatment. These clear braces are made of special ceramic material that is tooth colored; camouflaging it against the tooth it is bonded to. 

For those requiring an even more discreet option, Dr. Leo Toureno also offers Invisalign treatment, an alternative to traditional metal and clear braces. Invisalign aligners are made of clear thermoplastic material that is custom made, based on the prescription carefully planned by Dr. Toureno. Each case requires thoughtful reasoning and planning before the set of aligner trays are fabricated by precision robots at the Invisalign laboratory. 

As you can see, there are many options to straighten your teeth and unhide your natural smile. It is time to enjoy life, and smile at everyone you meet! How refreshing! Whether you're a teenager or an adult, there are more reasons to make your smile be seen by the world.