Congratulations on Your New #Smile!

Dr Leo is wonderful! I got here 28 minutes late just after all the assistants had left for lunch because I got caught in terrible unexpected traffic. The staff thought I needed to reschedule but Dr Leo heard me talking in the front and said he would take care of my son himself. He delayed his own lunch break to help us out because he knew it wasn’t our fault we were late. I really appreciate how much he cared about making us happy. Thank you Dr. Leo!”
Melissa P.

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Thank you for your confidence in me. I hope that you love the new nice smile that I helped create! I always love Google reviews for my work so others can have the confidence to come see me for braces treatment too! Sincerely, Dr Leo =)


Congrats! I hope that you love your new smile and enjoyed your experience with us! WE love Yelp Reviews to help others choose us for their braces treatment! Thanks Dr Leo =)

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Congrats on your new smile! We hope that you had a great experience here at Just Smile Orthodontics. My staff and I just want you to be happy! We love Google Reviews for our office @JustSmileOrtho!