A beautiful, straight smile can have a dramatic effect on your appearance and self-image. You may not realize how much correcting dental and orthodontic problems changes lives for people of all ages. At work, school, or in social situations that winning smile, and the air of confidence that comes with it, can truly give you an edge. I want your orthodontic treatment to end with a stunning smile, so I offer a special, optional teeth whitening treatment.

How it works

After your braces come off, we will take an impression of your teeth and make a stone model. Then we fabricate custom whitening trays over your stone models. This creates well fitting trays that will minimize whitening material from leaking out. We will provide professional whitening gel to be used for 10-14 days. Just like highlighting hair, teeth whitening needs to be maintained every so often as necessary. We recommend following up your teeth whitening maintenance with your general dentist.

Benefits of teeth whitening

The most obvious benefit is giving you the most beautiful teeth possible, but this teeth whitening system is beneficial to your oral health as well. The ingredients in our specially formulated gel can reduce harmful bacteria, which cause gingivitis.

When your braces are removed, you will have less bleeding, healthier gums, and whiter teeth! This safe and gentle option is available for patients of all ages. Teenagers often respond especially well to teeth whitening treatment.

My goal is simple. I want you and your family to have beautiful, healthy smiles, and use them regularly! If anyone, of any age, in your family might benefit from orthodontic treatment, come to Just Smile Orthodontics. For a new patient, the first appointment is free!