A Finished Smile, August 2014

We're celebrating our patient's great new smile! He is actually smiling more often now and is proud of it. I'm proud of our patient who has gone through eighteen months of orthodontic braces treatment. Our patient had severe crowding of his teeth and bimaxillary protrusion. Bimaxillary protrusion is a condition where both upper and lower front teeth are "bucked" out and patients usually have a hard time closing their lips together at rest. In this case, 4 premolar or bicuspid extractions are recommended to align all teeth and to soften the lip protrusiveness. 

In this case, we have successfully achieved both orthodontic objectives and our patient and his parents were pleasantly happy with the results. And I can see that he looked more confident too!

Sincerely, Dr. Leo Toureno

Board Certified Orthodontist

August 2014


Soft Homemade French Toast

Wondering what to feed your kids with orthodontic braces on Saturday morning? 

Don't want to spend money unnecessarily at a breakfast restaurant in Tucson? 


Easy to eat Homemade French Toast

Easy to eat Homemade French Toast

Most of the ingredients in this recipe are simple and easy to get. Whip up this easy to make Homemade French Toast with all the ingredients that you already have at home. 

This Homemade French Toast is likely to be much better tasting and healthier than if you had gone to a local restaurant. You get to control what type of ingredients gets into your and your kids mouth. Organic eggs? Fresh avocado or Canola oils that hasn't been used over and over again? Go ahead an enjoy a healthy orthodontic braces friendly breakfast at home. 

Save lots of money cooking at home... just make sure you get the kids to wash the dishes, hahah... =)


Click here for the recipe: HOMEMADE FRENCH TOAST

Bon appétit, 

Your friendly Tucson Orthodontic Braces Specialist,

Dr. Leo Toureno

June 2014 Contest Winner

Some where deep in the hidden mountains of Water, lies a secret treasure, the magnificent The gym stone. If anyone can find it, my father who loves Downloading music can! He's so brave he ventured out with only a Ipod. He was caught by pirates and they painted him Black, but he outwitted them in a Sciencechallenge and he escaped. No wonder people call him the "Ipod". When my father found the stone, he ran into the pirates again but this time he bought them all Wings. While the pirates were distracted, he escaped, and its all thanks his Boxingskills. One day, I'll be just like father!

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Free Orthodontic Braces Scholarships in Tucson AZ Awarded

Smile for a Lifetime Foundation (S4L) and Dr. Leo Toureno in Tucson AZ serves underprivileged children aged 10-18 for free braces orthodontic treatment. Scholarships are awarded based on financial, orthodontic needs and the motivation of the applicant among other things. We aim to give the gift of a smile to the children of Tucson AZ who may often be bullied, have low self-esteem and cannot otherwise afford high quality orthodontic braces treatment. 

Congratulations to Valeria for being our first S4L Scholar here in the Greater Tucson AZ area!

If you'd like to apply or know someone who may benefit from the Gift of a Smile, please download an application here.


Congratulations to Valeria! Our S4L Scholar in Tucson AZ

Congratulations to Valeria! Our S4L Scholar in Tucson AZ

Announcing our new Patient Rewards Hub

Announcing our Patient Rewards Hub! ... it’s our way of saying THANKS for being such a fantastic patient. Earn points for having great hygiene, visiting your dentist for regular check ups, participating in contests, referring friends and much more! Rack up the points and turn them in for some really cool prizes! Bring all your Smile Bucks to convert them to reward points and just pick up a card at your next appointment!

Our Adult patients and Parents Can earn reward points too with their own Reward Card! :) We feel that our adult patients and Parents of our patients will be the ones that will be the most excited about their Reward card as there are many ways to earn points even for them. Get your card and log-in online at the Hub and see for yourself the Fun!

WE can't wait..... :) 

The Fun starts beginning of February of 2014!


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